How it all started...

We started MuscleMine in 2013 for those who wanted an old school gym. Originating in a 1800 sq/ft basement storage unit, we have been lucky enough to have the best members and grow to what we are today. 


Somewhere between the realm of weightlifting and insanity. A sport where lifting heavy is paired with cardiovascular conditioning.  


From Deadlift bars, to adjustable rack benches, we have you covered. 

Team MuscleMine

From training support to group trips, Team MuscleMine is a family. 

In House Equipment

Currently on site: 3 Axles, 6 Logs, Viking Press, Farmers, Frame, Prowler, Yoke, Sled, 150 - 1000 lb. tires, Car Deadlift, Atlas Stones, Kegs, Sandbags, 100' Indoor Lane, and more!